Hessian Session T-Shirt

The concept of "sessioning" an IPA is kind of a funny one. It automatically implies you're playing the long game. Like you're in the place to drink huge amounts, so you need something easy on the alcohol to prevent you from falling over. 

We know that's not the only reason Session IPAs are a beautiful thing, but it was funnier to think of that kind of person. This is what we think he looks like. Something out of heavy metal parking lot.

Hessian (from urban dictionary): 3: n. An unclean individual who attempts to portray himself as hypermasculine. Predominant in 1980s U.S.A. Common traits include dirty mullet hairstyle, pathetic facial hair, tight fitting acid-washed jeans, black vintage metal tee (cut-off sleeves optional), and "ticking-timebomb" demeanor. Hobbies include stealing bikes, metal, and whoopin' ass. A hesher.


Front and back prints.
Printed on Gildan Heavyweight T-shirts.

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